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From cloud migrations, to remote work management, we help you build and manage custom IT solutions that meet the needs of your business.


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Tech‑Driven. People‑Focused.

LincolnIT planted its roots more than 20 years ago as a systems integrator. As the industry changed, we grew in tandem toward an ever-evolving managed services model. At the core, we are a services company dedicated to technology and the steadfast commitment to our clients and their businesses.

Our promise to you remains consistent—the delivery of world-class IT services, support, and cutting-edge technology solutions for non-profit organizations, healthcare, financial services firms, and business enterprises of all sizes.

The LincolnIT commitment to your business is solidified by a dedicated mix of customized solutions catered to meet your specific needs. We also maintain core competencies attributed to the changing business climate, while adhering to your fiscal and technology requirements.

We’ll consistently grow with you to successfully deliver established technology goals aligned with your business model. These goals are met with our pledge to offer exceptional service, reliable response, effective troubleshooting, and transparent access to our established technology vendor services portfolio.

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LincolnIT  Promotes Cyber Resilience
and Security Awareness

We hope you’ve gained additional insight from our Cyber Resilience series. While October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, employing a strong security posture is an everyday tactic. According to a presentation by the Federal Information Systems Security Educators’ Association, approximately 35 percent of data breaches attributed to human error or negligence. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to instill a culture of cyber interest and awareness to gain a better handle on changing cybersecurity threats.

Check back often to view featured content on how you can promote a culture of security within your organization. We’ll be highlighting and focusing on different areas surrounding this topic to help our current, new, and prospective customers stay informed. 

Find out how our SecureCare brand can help you and your organization create a culture built on staying vigilant and protected.


Our Three-Pillar Approach

We can help you develop a technology solution that’s reflective of your organization’s vision and mission statement.

We take the time to learn, understand and evaluate your business needs, from all levels, ensuring your success through our three-pillar model:




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We’ll do more than fix and amend your business challenges.

We’re all about people and we value your partnership with honest, person-to-person communication. We take the time to better understand your short- and long-term goals for achievable solutions in alignment with your priorities.

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We take the time to meld your current processes within our business model to ensure the highest levels of communication, consistency, and branding.

This comprises multiple moving parts such as our Help Desk/Network Operations Center (NOC), ticket management and workflow, project planning and delivery,  Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR), and overarching technology roadmap.

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We’ll provide you with transparent access to our constantly evolving technology toolkit.

Our successes are based on how we can help manage your day-to-day technology processes—but we always have an eye on the future. We’re constantly investing and cultivating our many long-term and newly emerging industry vendor relationships.

"The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential."

steve Ballmer
former ceo, microsoft, inc.

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Let us help you grow your business

You’ll receive consistent support, services, and satisfaction. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Depending upon your specific business needs, choose from a complete managed services model or an à la carte solution.

When you utilize our 24/7 help desk, state-of-the-art NOC, and best-of-breed technology toolkit, you’ll also receive consistent support, services, and the peace of mind that we’ll always be with you every step of the way.


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Reduce your total cost of ownership

If you’re thinking of a cloud migration, or have adopted some cloud solutions into your environment, a conversation with LincolnIT can lead you toward a fully tailored IT road map outlining cloud adoption and expansion to seamlessly meld within your business model. We’ll work with you to determine and support your best practices, such as private or public cloud, or a hybrid design of both.


LincolnIT Services

Learn more about the IT services we provide, including the following Care brands:

ITCare, ProCare, DataCare, CloudCare and SecureCare.


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Tech Bytes

Here’s what’s trending in IT.

With October designated as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re focused on helping our current and prospective customers employ a philosophy of Cyber Resilience. Through this process and advocacy, we aim to ensure you have a plan to successfully safeguard your most important assets, and promote a culture of security.  This approach aims to drive, policy, implement effective tools, develop meaningful reporting, and facilitate strong incident response tactics. These aspects result in strong compliance measures, which are consistently reviewed and continually achieved. 

If you’re looking to upgrade or implement a security solution for peace of mind, let us know how we can assist you. Especially during these critical times, security should never be treated as an afterthought, and at LincolnIT this is always top priority. Whether you want to monitor your risks and vulnerabilities, manage BYOD solutions, or ensure you never fall victim to an email or phishing scam, we’re here to help.

We also offer additional protection through our 24/7 Network Operations Center, as well as access to our third-party Security Operations Center (SOC). Managed by one of our valued alliance partners, our SOC includes proactive unauthorized data usage alerts, as well as current and new security coverage analyses.


Learn more about these, and all of our SecureCare offerings.

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Is Your Business Prepared for the Next Disaster?

According to a 2018 study conducted by IT industry professional networking tool Spiceworks, while most organizations reported having a disaster recovery plan, only 34 percent actually tested it once per quarter. The study found that “29 percent test their plan just once a year, 14 percent test only every couple of years, and 23 percent of organizations never test their DR plan at all.”

While having the proper precautions in place is important and necessary, it’s just the first part of the process. Organizations must also test their disaster recovery plan to ensure proper execution. Partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) is your first line of defense in creating and refining your plan for an actual emergency.

Take a look at our blog: “How to Protect & Prepare Your Business From Any Disaster,” and Schedule a discussion to learn more about how we can help your organization craft a disaster preparedness plan.


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Does Your Business Have an IT Remediation & Recovery Plan?

Whether you’re looking to revise or implement an active plan, or create one if you don’t have something thoroughly documented and published, it’s best to partner with an MSP who understands best practices and has hands-on experience with disaster recovery planning, documentation, and remediation. 

Learn more from LincolnIT technical experts on why IT remediation and disaster recovery (DR) should include measures that will minimize, identify, and aim to mitigate risk factors and the impacts of natural disasters, security breaches, and/or human error.

We’re Here to Assist You!

Learn How We Can Help Your Business in Implementing Remote, Work-From Home Best Practices 



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Vendor Podium


We’ll regularly highlight a featured vendor that’s making a significant industry impact. See below to learn more about ConnectWise.

Managed Services Providers (MSP) often deploy internal tools for daily administrative task efficiency and automation while streamlining workflows to protect customer networks and infrastructures. Having such protocols in place allows the MSP to provide more strategic initiatives for customer technology needs.

Find out why it’s best to partner with an MSP boasting its own personalized internal toolkit comprising a robust professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring management (RMM) tools offered through vendor partners, such as ConnectWise.


Our Partners

We partner with a range of technology companies to build solutions with and for customers like you. We also have a proven methodology for engaging partners to enhance our MSP platform, referred to as our internal toolkit. Browse the sections below to learn more and dive into the technology you have access to when you work with LincolinIT.



Manufacturing Partners

Learn more about the technology we use to build your IT solutions. This includes a diverse portfolio that ranges from names that the industry was built on, to new and emerging vendors who aim to solve increasing business challenges in these dynamic times.

Toolkit Partners

Learn what technology we use to build our internal IT solutions. This includes our private cloud, NOC, and 24/7 help desk, to name just a few.

Alliance Partners

We partner with a number of cybersecurity, VOIP, and other third party organizations to meet all of your technology needs. We’ll recommend these partners when appropriate, and if you need a recommendation, just ask.

Industry Partnerships & Recognitions


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