How ConnectWise PSA & RMM Tools Help MSPs Streamline & Automate Task Management

An MSP with comprehensive PSA and RMM tools can efficiently manage customer technology needs, while also saving time and money.

Jul 30, 2021 | 5 min read

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Working with a reputable managed services provider (MSP) with vetted, long-term vendor partnerships is the first step toward a successful technology implementation. It’s even more of a value-add if the provider boasts an internal toolkit solution for its Network Operations Center (NOC), help desk, software and hardware warranties, and others. 

One of the most imperative components of the MSP’s internal toolkit includes a professional services automation (PSA) product and a remote monitoring and management solution (RMM). When bundled together, both facilitate a cohesive solution to streamline and automate MSP tasks for an aligned and efficient client experience.

Connectwise LogoLearn how a bundled PSA and RMM tool help MSPs offer further insight into customer dashboards and business processes.


Managing Automation
& Tasks

As previously mentioned, a PSA tool effectively streamlines and automates repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. Implementing an RMM tool takes this a step further; service tickets and help desk requests are handled quickly, freeing up IT technicians to focus on other matters. It also lowers customer downtime, allowing IT support staff to remotely perform troubleshooting and other relevant and necessary maintenance. While a larger, more involved issue might require a site visit, an RMM tool expedites maintenance tasks without business interruptions.

An effective RMM tool also facilitates custom notifications and alerts tailored to each customer’s specific need. This added awareness enables the MSP to proactively address an unexpected issue regarding system performance, infrastructure, and other important functions, such as servers, cloud infrastructures, employee workstations, laptops, routers, and firewalls.


Security Best Practices

With ransomware attacks and email phishing scams continually on the rise, security remains a top priority for both ConnectWise and its MSP partners. Coupled with the recently escalated threats due to increased necessity for remote workforces and the continued evolution of more sophisticated hackers, MSPs must ensure they are entrusting their customer data to a reliable and secure provider. In response, the vendor recently released a comprehensive security best practices guide for its on-premises product installations.

Working with a reputable managed services provider (MSP) with vetted, long-term vendor partnerships is the first step toward a successful technology implementation.

Focusing on pertinent information, such as security advisories and bulletins, and privacy and compliance, all ConnectWise MSP partnerships are built on trust and confidence. To learn more about these important tactics, please visit the ConnectWise Trust Center

MSPs working with all of these internal toolkit products through ConnectWise Manage and Automate can implement efficiencies, remote management, security, and additional insights to solidify customer networks while providing true peace of mind.

Learn more about some of the features offered through ConnectWise Manage and Automate: 


ConnectWise Manage

Focusing on internal communications, Manage helps MSPs serve customers through orderly operations and processes. It also helps the MSP discover and understand the customer’s business challenges, and operational weaknesses.

Consider the following features and benefits of Manage:

Help Desk

Separating simplistic tasks from more challenging projects, Manage facilitates a streamlined and formalized MSP help desk for quick responses. A defined and documented strategic ticket workflow process also ensures rapid and reliable responses to help desk-related issues. 

Cloud Billing

When a customer utilizes an MSP’s public cloud services, they’ll receive an itemized, detailed bill outlining usage, tools, and other elements. 

Sales & Marketing

This enables MSPs to help customers create effective marketing campaigns focused on valuable content and trends, while also delivering consistent account management and technology advisory.


An MSP with streamlined Integration Services can facilitate configurations, pricing and ordering, renewal management and processing, budgets, and licensing.

Project Management

Up-to-date customer information tracks project progress and milestones so they remain on-time and on-budget.



Additional insight and metrics offer customers the opportunity to work with their MSP partners as a trusted advisor when developing long-term business plans.


ConnectWise Automate

Keeping your tasks and regular activities easily accessible can help MSPs focus on high-value, strategic projects. This includes remediating common IT challenges, and preventing recurring issues before they become an ongoing problem. 

Consider the following features and benefits of Automate:

Remote Monitoring

MSPs can monitor, discover, and resolve most IT issues from behind the scenes, with fewer service interruptions, such as network bottlenecks, application performance issues, and security threats.

IT Automation

Routine IT-based workloads can be offloaded via automation. This cuts down on time and costs, allowing the MSP to shift toward higher level, proactive service requests.

Asset Discovery

With many organizations incorporating a permanent remote, work-from-home environment, asset discovery is more important than ever. This feature detects and tracks all corporate-connected devices to keep unauthorized users at bay.

Endpoint Management

User devices are easily accessible to keep downtime and interruptions to a minimum, while also maintaining customer operations and satisfaction.

Patch Management

Provides quick configuration, testing and installation on all Windows-based and third-party SaaS-based applications, to ensure security and supreme optimization at all times.

Saving Time & Money

An MSP boasting a PSA and RMM product built into their internal toolkit offerings can be the difference between how they approach and service customer technology needs and challenges.

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