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Incorporating a strong network management tool provides value-added services, such as automation, risk management, business continuity, decreased labor and technology costs, and more.

Feb 12, 2021 | 4 min read

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When analyzing daily operations, several items could mind, such as technology, services, and financials. Not meeting expectations and goals on just one of these items can possibly impact your entire business model. 

Examining your organization’s infrastructure to determine proper solutions for efficient network management can help minimize or avoid these potential obstacles.

Below we’ll discuss some of the steps, accompanying products, and services  organizations can implement to optimize network management.


Daily Network Management

Whether you’re looking to completely outsource or want to free up your internal IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives, adding a solid network management tool will increase operational goals, employee work-life balance, and quick ticket resolutions.

Working with a cloud-based network monitoring and management software provider such as Auvik provides peace of mind for task automation, streamlined operations, business risk mitigation, and stronger team relationships. 

Learn more about some of the features provided by Auvik’s network management platform tools.

Automated Network Visibility & Documentation

Auvik offers full network automation for total visibility and control, as well as real-time information. This includes complete details regarding every on- and off-site network device and easily identifies hardware and software security updates and upgrades. 

Simplified Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Preconfigured and customized alerts maintain your network’s event monitoring so you don’t have to worry about downtime or other interruptions. Users simply log in to their device dashboard for a quick snapshot of any network issues. 

Infrastructure Automated Backups

Lost switches and breached firewalls can wreak havoc on your infrastructure. Guard against these potentially damaging shortfalls with automated network scans and backups of your critical network device configurations. This color-coded system also removes any guesswork regarding configuration changes and offers easy restoration in the event of any systematic breakdown. 

Network Traffic Analysis

For extended visibility into your network’s traffic flow, this tool identifies specific applications and how they’re being used. It demonstrates the bulk of your traffic so you can decide and manage any required network upgrades, expansions, or other changes. 

Traffic insights provide additional pertinent information, such as geo-location, time spent, and network sourcing. This can also help identify external traffic leading to a possible cyber attack or other malicious activities.


Easy Navigation

Auvik’s network mapping lets you obtain information quickly and easily. This includes network device location through intelligent search fields, directly viewing active alerts, device connections, and access details.  


Remote Access

Accessed with a simple Internet connection, you can log into any device’s web interface from your Auvik dashboard. Remote access to any service on any port is also available. 

Efficient Site Management

Auvik’s distributed site management tool facilitates all-encompassing site management, regardless of location, type, and size. As your organization experiences change and workflow growth, Auvik can help with standardizations, processes, and efficiencies.

Privacy & Security

Gain confidence with Auvik’s two-factor authentication, admin roles, permission configurations, and audit logs. This ensures constant protection so only the users you authorize have network access. 

Centralizing access channels is simplified through easy integrations with existing providers, such as Microsoft and Google. 

APIs & Workflows

Focus on specific data points for easy third-party application integration. These include alert history, inventory information, accurate data maintenance, and custom notifications and reports.


Efficiency Management

For further guidance on streamlining your organization’s network management, it’s best to work with an experienced managed services provider who has long-term vendor toolkit partnerships, alliances, and support.


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Learn more about LincolnIT’s ITCare package and the additional, comprehensive offerings we provide through our vendor partnership with Auvik.

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