Understanding the Value of Outsourced Network Management

Outsourcing your organization’s network management provides several benefits, such as added data security, 24/7 operational coverage, scalability, increased productivity, minimal downtime, and more.

Jan 21, 2021 | 4 min read

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Network management is one of the most important components when mapping your organization’s IT infrastructure. Encompassing maintenance, services monitoring, status reporting, inventory oversight, and more, an effective network management solution ultimately frees organizations and in-house IT teams to focus on daily operations and strategic objectives instead.

Whether you require full support or an extension of your IT team, it’s best to enlist an experienced managed services provider (MSP) with long-term, established vendor and toolkit partnerships.

Below we’ll list five advantages of outsourced network management services for businesses of all types and sizes. 


1. Achieve Strategic Goals & Initiatives

Does your day mainly involve handling network emergencies and reactive issues?

Organizations spending more time handling tactical problems would benefit from network management services. Mature MSPs can provide access to a significant vendor toolkit, which can be leveraged by most midsize and enterprise-level organizations to provide more proactive services and enhanced visibility. This can aid in the development and delivery of strategic goals and initiatives, such as increased business growth, improved customer satisfaction, and greater employee education and development.

Choosing an MSP that understands your organization’s goals and objectives can facilitate optimized customer service levels, proactive technology support and increased access. 

Mature MSPs can provide access to a significant vendor toolkit, which can be leveraged by most midsize and enterprise-level organizations to provide more proactive services and enhanced visibility.


2. Decrease Labor & Technology Costs

Did most of your 2020 expenses attribute to salaries, overtime, and technology costs?

Implementing managed services, which includes network management, helps decrease organizational operating costs 25 to 45 percent. Working with an MSP and engaging in  a monthly recurring plan minimizes expenses, for long-term savings.

This also reduces service costs, while improving end user productivity to foster proactive services for employee retention and enhanced work-life balance.


3. Reduce Network Downtime 

Does your organization experience frequent network outages and downtime?

Whether this occurs through human errors, system failures, security lapses, natural disasters or other emergencies, an off-site, outside provider ensures enhanced data security and intellectual property protection. 

Proactive tools such as alarms and alerts, continuous monitoring, and automated recovery can alleviate network downtime, interruptions and data losses. 


4. Scale With Ease

Do your technology and staffing needs change as your business needs change?

An MSP can easily assist with scaling up or down, as needed. If your organization is seasonal, or experiences regular fluctuations, it’s more cost effective to adjust network capability, staffing, and other functions.

This is also appropriate for rapidly expanding organizations or those with more remote, work-from-home employees due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.


5. Improve Optimization

Do you want further insight into your organization’s technology and business processes?

Implementing a strong network management tool supports transparency, through:  

  • Regular, Consistent Alerts
  • Email Notifications
  • Device Management
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Monitoring
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Proactive Recovery of Services & Automation to Ensure Uptime & Availability 
  • Network Mapping
  • Security
  • System Maintenance
  • Help Desk Support
  • Inventory & Equipment Management
  • Online Dashboard
  • Upgrades, Patches & User Administration

Managing these components through one cohesive toolkit can also prevent issues from escalating. An experienced MSP can evaluate your organization’s IT infrastructure to determine overall capabilities, while making efficiency and usage adjustments.


Hire a Trusted Professional

If you are experiencing even just one of these aforementioned items, it’s best to work with a trusted MSP on appropriate planning, services, and products for a comprehensive network management solution.


LincolnIT provides full or customized a la carte network management services for SMBs, mid-market companies, large enterprises, and nonprofits through its ITCare brand. Contact us for more information, or to request a proposal. 

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