When it Comes To Security Monitoring, Every Second Counts

LincolnIT provides value-add, 24/7 access to advanced threat monitoring and remediation through its third-party Security Operations Center hosted by our Alliance partner Cybersafe Solutions.

Aug 19, 2020 | 3 min read

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When it comes to protecting your most valuable assets, seeking out an IT provider to handle your organization’s security should never be an afterthought. This includes critical data protection, real-time threat intelligence, and enhanced transparency to keep would-be cyber criminals at bay.

At LincolnIT, we speak security—it’s at the core of our SecureCare offering. We provide 24/7 critical data protection through our Network Operations Center and continuous security monitoring and remediation with our third-party-operated Security Operations Center (SOC). Managed by industry-certified security specialists, our SOC is facilitated through Cybersafe Solutions, a key player in our Alliance Partner program.

Below we’ll outline this partnership’s value add, main components, services, and more


Continuous Security Monitoring

To effectively determine the root cause of attack, Cybersafe Solutions’ certified security specialists provide advanced real-time monitoring, detection, response and containment. Cybersafe applies a hacker mindset to a cybersecurity strategy to protect at-risk assets and implement industry best practices. 


To ensure highest protection levels, Cybersafe Solutions provides three security monitoring solutions:


Endpoint Security

We’ll provide real-time monitoring for threat identification and immediate response. Incidents will be isolated and contained prior to data exfiltration, compromised assets or irreversible damage. Cybersafe Solutions can monitor laptops, desktops, servers, and virtual environments through an individual endpoint platform. 


As part of your endpoint security solution, you’ll receive: 

  1. Continuous Endpoint Monitoring & Visibility

  2. Root Cause Analysis & Investigation

  3. Host Intrusion Detection

  4. One Click Endpoint Isolation & Live Response

  5. Proactive Endpoint Threat Banning


Network & Cloud Security

Constant network monitoring provides valuable insights and transparency into your environment. This increases potential threat detection. Cybersafe Solutions’ proprietary systems and dashboard will highlight your network’s current state and potential attack stages. Network remediation best practices are also part of this solution. 


These include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Asset Discovery & Inventory

  2. Vulnerability Assessments

  3. Intrusion Detection

  4. Behavioral Monitoring

  5. Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)


Threat 360

As Cybersafe Solutions’ most comprehensive continuous security monitoring solution, Threat 360 provides real-time transparency into your organization’s network, cloud, and endpoints. This facilitates immediate threat response upon detection for added peace of mind and protection.

Threat 360 monitoring is also easily integrated with existing technology platforms, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Google with GSuite.


Cybersafe Solutions’ Threat 360 offering can perform the following tasks and coverage areas:

  1. All Endpoint Features

  2. All Network Features

  3. Deception Technology

  4. Health Check Reports

  5. Policy Compliance Review

Additional Services & Expertise

Consider the following features for increased protection when designing and mapping your continuous security monitoring solutions. 

Threat Hunt-Compromise Assessment

Rapidly and proactively track and discover endpoints for compromises, such as root-kits and backdoors. 

Incident Response

Cybersafe Solutions’ certified forensic and incident response team facilitates remote investigations to help businesses return to normal. 


Security Awareness Training & Simulated Phishing Tests

This unique, integrated platform arms organizations with education and testing on currently evolving cyber risks.


Penetration Testing

Our multi-step process is performed by a team of cyber experts to identify and penetrate vulnerable systems, services and/or applications through a combination of automated and manual tools.


Breach & Attack Simulation

This comprehensive multi-vector assessment for pre- and post-exploitation techniques includes simulated attacks against an organization’s security infrastructure.

Risk Assessments

Identify risks and provide tactical countermeasures for maximized cybersecurity with a protection plan for systems and sensitive data.


Security Policy Development

Design and develop administrative, technical, and physical policies as part of a risk- management platform. 


Dark Web Monitoring

A specialized software process scans the dark web with real-time alerts for stolen or compromised data threat detection. 


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