Please join our vendor partner co-hosts for an informational and fun WEBINAR series!

Buckle Up & Take Flight!


  • may 6: Datto Saas (landed)
  • May 11: cybersafe (landed)
  • May 13: Meraki (landed)
  • june 22: fortinet

Have you mapped out your trip to the cloud yet? Find out how LincolnIT can help plan the best possible route for you and your business.


Map with airplane icons in Oregon, Floriday, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Indiana showing flight routes

It's been a long year—and many businesses found themselves moving data quickly to Cloud-based solutions without as much "pre-flight" checks as they would have preferred.

If you are getting back to your original flight plan, and could use some help with that,  join us during May and June for a webinar series discussing how to best-secure your cloud data and ensure you have clearance for takeoff!

Join LincolnIT and our various vendor partner co-hosts, as we team up to provide insights and information on how to create and implement a secure Cloud roadmap. 

We'll also discuss how each vendor's corresponding products can assist your organization when it comes to mapping out a Cloud solution for optimal implementation. 

Encore Presentation:
In case you missed our Meraki webinar in February, we'll hold an encore presentation for new attendees, as well as any "frequent fliers" who would like a refresher once more.

Secure your Take Flight Boarding Pass for each presentation with corresponding event dates: 


Datto SaaS: May 6 (LANDED)

Datto SaaS mock passport for the Take Flight Webinar Passport series on April 29th, 2021


Cybersafe Panel Discussion: May 11 (LANDED)

Cybersafe Solutions mock passport for Take Flight Webinar Series on May 6th, 2021


Meraki: May 13 (LANDED)
Meraki mock passport for Take Flight Webinar Series on May 20th, 2021


Fortinet: June 22
Fortinet Passport for June 22 2021 with Lincoln IT


We hope you’ll join us to learn more about how LincolnIT and our Cloud vendor partners can assist you on your  journey!


Mock Airline Schedule with different IT Terms


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