IntegrationStreamlined Integration Services

To Efficiently Configure Your Business Assets

We’ll ensure your technology deployments and assets are accurately managed, cataloged, and streamlined.

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Create an Organized, Cohesive Solution

Regardless of your platform, system or application, we can configure and align all of your assets for data optimization and connectivity. We’ll help you accomplish your organizational goals, and manage your return on investment and key performance indicators to prioritize and scale out your integration needs. These are adjusted based on your technology architecture, vertical market, and the industries you serve.


We’ll craft an integrated services solution based on the following components:



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Imaging & Desktop Deployment

Our customized staging facility can easily image and deploy your organization’s desktops and laptops. This fully automated process can be used for new and current projects.

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Asset Tagging & Inventory Management

We’ll provide each inventory component with a unique identifier for cataloging purposes.

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Warehousing & Logistics

Our fleet of vehicles can easily travel throughout the tri-state area for quick and efficient product shipments and deliveries.

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Cabling Services

We can design, implement, and manage a fully structured cabling environment based on flexibility and scalability. This includes new projects, expansions, and upgrades.

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Data Center Build Out

We’ll assist with the many design and engineering complexities, such as layout, security, power sources, and other required components.

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We can facilitate this portion of your project life cycle whether you need full configurations, pricing and ordering, renewal management and processing, budgets, licensing, as well as warehousing and logistics processes.

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