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Non Profit - Bringing Value and Understanding to your Technology Needs

Bringing Value and Understanding your Technology Needs

Through our many years of experience working within this space, we recognize you face business demands that may require a different approach. We are a trusted advisor when it comes to working with nonprofit organizations. We will help you identify the necessary technology and workflows that align with your organization's mission.
These could include:

  • Grants and Donor Management Tracking
  • Digital Fundraising Platforms
  • Accounting Platforms
  • Contact Management Tools

Navigating the Nonprofit Business Decision-Making Process

Regardless of your nonprofit’s staffing, size, and sites locations, we can effectively guide you toward specific recommendations that meet your technology and budgetary concerns to ensure they align with all levels of your organization:

  • Executive Leadership 
  • Board Members
  • Stakeholders
  • Volunteers 
  • Full- and Part-Time Employees

Evaluating and Justifying Your Technology Needs

We’ll ensure you have the necessary backing to meet specified government requirements regarding technology funding requirements. We recognize you must navigate a different set of circumstances than a for-profit business to support infrastructure and technology services approvals.


These elements could include:

Fundraising and
Platform-Related Content:

We can help your IT team choose, design and implement an industry-specific solution.

Federally Funded Grant Program Requirements:

We’ll help you prepare and draft grant proposals to justify implementation of relevant infrastructure and technologies.

Supporting Information for Board Member Review:

This includes preparation and justification of services for evaluation and approvals.

Like-Minded Industry Knowledge:

We’ll utilize our trusted experience to connect your organization with other corresponding agencies.


Managing Critical Technology Requirements

Our trusted experience speaks for itself. With many of our nonprofit clients working within the healthcare sector, we understand the additional complexities of how these organizations are run, how they intermingle, and co-exist.

Let us help you facilitate the management of necessary technology areas, such as: 

  • Telehealth Services: As more healthcare professionals turn to videoconferencing for patient consultations, we can help you justify this as an imminent need for your facility. 
  • HIPAA Compliance: We can facilitate the necessary steps to ensure your communications are in alignment with these regulations.
  • EHR Requirements: We’ll assist to ensure your digital records promote diligent patient care for more informed decisions and processes.

Let Us Assist You

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