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We build and preserve vendor relationships while recognizing emerging technologies, so you don’t have to.

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Vetting New Partnerships & Keeping Up With the Trends

We’ll always work to determine the best technology for your business. This includes a thorough vetting, research and selection process. We take your industry and end users’ roles into consideration so your team gets the equipment they need to be successful.

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Vendor Central

We support our current manufacturer partnerships while still seeking out new vendors. If there’s a vendor you’ve heard of or want to learn more about, we can provide a research-based comparative analysis. This is based on technology options, pros and cons, ease of integration, and customer feedback.

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Tell us about your favorite vendor or ask us to analyze one you’re not sure about. We want to hear from you and are standing by to serve!
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Vendor Podium


We’ll regularly highlight a featured vendor that’s making a significant industry impact. See below to learn more about ConnectWise.

Managed Services Providers (MSP) often deploy internal tools for daily administrative task efficiency and automation while streamlining workflows to protect customer networks and infrastructures. Having such protocols in place allows the MSP to provide more strategic initiatives for customer technology needs.

Find out why it’s best to partner with an MSP boasting its own personalized internal toolkit comprising a robust professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring management (RMM) tools offered through vendor partners, such as ConnectWise.




We partner with a range of technology companies to build solutions for customers like you, as well as our internal toolkit. Browse the sections below to learn more and dive into the technology you see when you work with LincolinIT.

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Toolkit Partners

Learn what technology we use to build our internal IT solutions. This includes our private cloud, NOC, and 24/7 help desk, to name just a few.


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Manufacturing Partners 

Learn more about the technology we use to build your IT solutions. This includes a diverse portfolio that range from names that the industry was built on, and new and emerging vendors who aim to solve increasing business challenges in these dynamic times.


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Alliance Partners 

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a full end-to-end solution for our clients. There are instances when a client requirement may sit outside of our core set of skills. As part of our Partnership focus, and industry longevity, we have strong relationships with firms that offer expertise in these areas, when required. Our Alliance Partner Program allows us to confidently offer our clients recommendations for other IT-related areas.


These cover, but may not be limited to:


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    Security: We deem it critical to have a specified designation between our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC). Our value-add partnership with a third-party vendor ensures a clear delineation between these services.  

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    Audiovisual Needs: This includes door security, cameras, and television and conference room setups.

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    Phone & Internet Providers: We can facilitate relationships with hosted VoIP, traditional PBX solutions, and ISPs to provide connectivity and phone services for your organization.

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    Application Development: We offer integration with third-party applications or desired application customization.

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    Cabling: Our cabling division can partner with other firms as needed. 

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    Digital Marketing/SEO: We can meet the increased demands and expansion for your online content marketing requirements.

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