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As part of our focus on Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are excited to offer a collaborative series for you, with our valued partners. The LincolnIT Sip & Secure Webinar Series will feature premier security partners, who will address current security issues and concerns, such as cybersecurity measures and precautions, remote access tools and guidelines, BYOD and MDM policies, and more. 

Those registering for at least two sessions, and a 15-minute exploratory conversation with one of our sales representatives will be provided with a follow-up, virtual wine tasting featuring a local East End winery. You will receive signature wine selections and a guided experience during this virtual event. 

Note below our co-presenting vendors, and corresponding webinar and virtual wine tasting dates: 

  • Cybersafe: October 13 (Closed)
  • Microsoft Secure Teams: October 15 (Closed)
  • Datto: October 20 (Closed)
  • Cisco: October 22 (Closed)
  • Fortinet: October 27 (Closed)
  • Ali Law Group: October 29 (Closed)
    Virtual Wine Tasting: Date to be scheduled in early November.


We hope you’ll consider joining us to learn more about our SecureCare offering, and how our valued, vendor partners can provide you with the tools and resources you  need for a successful and safe organization.



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