Secure, Collaborative Communication With Microsoft Teams

Through its valued manufacturing partnership with Microsoft, LincolnIT provides access to clear, consistent, and concise communication through the software provider’s Teams videoconferencing platform.

Oct 14, 2020 | 3 min read

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Whether your organization’s protocol follows a remote work policy for all employees or a hybrid model, having an effective, clear, and collaborative video conferencing platform is paramount to ensure productivity, workflows, and project management.

For your organization’s video conferencing solution, it’s best to focus on features comprising multiple communication lines for users with different time zones, set ups, and operating systems. 

This is especially important as many companies throughout 2020 have increased remote work adoption due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions. 

Microsoft Teams leads the way with its videoconferencing initiative to meet these and other remote work requirements. Its ease of use, integration, and implementation make it a suitable choice for enterprise, mid-market, small- and mid-sized businesses, and others. 

When adding this to your technology stack, it’s best to work with an experienced managed services provider (MSP) with solid partnerships and expertise. These providers can also offer supplemental support on pressing matters related to security and data privacy issues, both of which are necessary when adding any type of communications solution. 

Below we’ll outline this solution’s main benefits, recent updates, security best practices, and more.


Aside from its increased collaboration, productivity, and customizations, Teams can easily integrate and operate with your organization’s existing Microsoft apps, third-party CRM tools, and social media platforms. 

Teams also easily integrates within your organization’s phone system. This increases productivity and enhances internal communication and collaboration.

Tools such as call forwarding, transfers, and auto-attendant technology facilitate any concerns of missing important calls or meetings. 


During the summer, Microsoft unveiled several new Teams features, including:  

  • Together Mode: Digitally and strategically place meeting participants in a shared video background such as an auditorium, coffee shop, or conference room. This fosters creative collaboration and focus.
  • Increased Gallery View: Regardless of meeting participant volume, Teams can facilitate an enhanced, streamlined viewing of up to 49 video feeds per screen. Layout and sizing can also be adjusted to zero in on a specific participant. This is especially helpful during screen sharing.
  • Captions & Transcripts: Whether you have your volume down or are unable to take notes, this feature provides real-time documentation within the chat box feature. It can also be saved for follow-up review and reference.

Security Best Practices

With every new application or product installed on any PC or mobile device, there will always be additional security measures that must be adhered to—especially with increased remote work environments.

Microsoft offers the following precautionary measures to ensure a safe, compliant Teams experience:

  • Guest/Anonymous User Access Control: This prevents external log-ins without prior approvals and ensures access through an approved Microsoft Azure Active Directory. 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): In addition to minimum login credentials, users must add extra steps, such as text, email, or phone verification for added identity and data protection.
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP): Especially useful when utilizing the SharePoint platform, this protects documents, media files, and other shared data within the Teams environment. It also identifies malicious websites, attachments, and other suspicious links. 
  • Compliance Features: Teams supports various Microsoft 365 compliance measures, such as Data Loss Prevention, eDiscovery, auditing and reporting, and file retention management.

Streamlined Processes

If you’re considering a robust videoconferencing communication platform to seamlessly collaborate with employees and customers, it’s best to consult an MSP. They can provide trusted guidance, support, and assistance with important functions, such as set-up, implementation, guidelines, and accompanying data privacy best practices.


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